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Mercedes E-Class coupe 2017 – review, price, specs and pictures

This sleek two-door model aims to appeal to those who don’t need the full-time practicality of the saloon or estate but still want the ability to carry a couple of friends in the rear seats occasionally – and to do so in supreme comfort.

The fourth generation E-Class coupe builds on a strong heritage but also takes a big step forward from its forebears, with notable changes in several areas.

For a start it takes on the look of fellow coupes in the Mercedes range, particularly at the rear where the styling is much closer to the S-Class and C-Class coupe than the E-Class saloon.

The E-Class gets slim rear LED light clusters and a small, integrated lip on the boot to match its coupe stablemates.

At the front it is marked out by having only the one bar across its grille, where the saloon and estate versions have two. 

Mercedes E Class coupePH

The new coupe is larger than its immediate predecessor – five inches longer and three inches longer

The lack of a pillar between front and rear doors gives the impression of a large side window and also give it a very clean look from the side profile.

Perhaps the biggest change over the previous E-Class coupe is its size – it is notably bigger than its immediate predecessor by just under five inches in length and three inches wider.

The E-Class coupe boasts a phenomenal amount of technology but perhaps the simplest thing about it is the engine line-up, to start off with at least. Initially it comes with just one turbo-diesel and two petrol engines in the UK.

The 2.0-litre diesel is expected to be the most popular and is likely to account for about 70 per cent of sales, thanks in part to its average fuel economy of 70.6mpg and emissions of 106g/km.

It is by no means the compromised economical choice, though, as the engine is a smooth, quiet and powerful motor that does the coupe full justice when it comes to relaxed cruising. With 0 to 60mph taking less than 7.5 seconds, it’s quick too and has no problem easing into overtaking manoeuvres.

Very little of the engine or road noise makes it into the cabin at lower or high speeds in the diesel, however it is a little more noticeable on the lower-powered petrol thanks to the standard-fit sports exhaust on that model. It’s not a bad noise but it seems slightly at odds as it is so serene most of the time.

While the engine line-up might be simple, the list of suspension options is more confusing.

As well as the standard set-up, which is just over half-an-inch lower than that of the saloon, there is also optional air suspension and even an Air Body Control system with a self-levelling feature, to offer what Mercedes claims is excellent ride comfort.

However opting for the basic suspension doesn’t mean you settle for a poor ride as it is controlled and comfortable whichever set-up you go for.

The rest of the coupe’s kit list is kept simpler by the fact that there is only one trim level – the well-equipped AMG Line. It comes with 19-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights and tail lights, a parking pilot with parking sensors and reversing camera; ambient interior lighting, split-folding rear seats, touch pads on the steering wheel and heated front seats.

Mercedes E Class coupe navigation systemPH

Navigation system comes with a huge 12.3 inch view option

Arguably the E-Class coupe’s most striking asset is its interior, which is a stunning combination of comfort, quality and class.

The obvious result of that extra space is in the coupe’s cabin. While it still requires a certain degree of flexibility to get past the front seats and into the rear, adult passengers have plenty of leg and head space once they make it in.

The swooping lines of a coupe mean that visibility is marginally compromised but not so much that the back seats ever feel claustrophobic.

The standard navigation and entertainment screen is large at 8.4in but the optional Comand Online version stretches it to a fantastic 12.3in high-definition system that gives the dashboard a really clean, modern look, as well as offering fantastic functionality.

It’s largely controlled through a dial, in a system that will be familiar to Mercedes owners and is easy to master and simply controlled while on the move, once you learn the sequences.

You’ll barely have to take your eyes off the road, thanks to the standard-fit head-up display that puts basic information such as navigation turns and speed into your field of vision.

It is also capable of displaying information from Mercedes’ Distronic system, which is the very latest self-driving technology offered by the manufacturer.

The system, part of the £1,695 Driving Assistance package, is one of several option packs offered. It allows the car to use radar to track the vehicle in front and “locks” on to it, maintaining a safe distance and is capable of doing so at up to 130mph.

It is also able to offer steering assistance at speeds of up to 80mph and can increase or decrease the car’s speed in response to signs, even temporary ones, on motorway gantries.

The law still requires the driver to be in control of the car, so a warning sign pops up on the head-up display when it senses that the wheel is not being held, meaning this is a system that has capabilities that exceed what it is currently permitted – for now at least.

This system, the opulence of the cabin, the suspension systems aimed at improving comfort and the increased size of the E-Class coupe all combine to create a car that is very much more designed for long-distance cruising rather than setting off to blast around tight, country-road corners.

It might be capable of the latter but it is in the former where it really comes into its own.

Mercedes E Class coupe rear stylingPH

The rear styling is similar to the S-Class and C-Class coupes


Model: Mercedes E-Class coupe

On sale: Now

Price range: £40,135 – £50,775

Engine range: Petrol – 2.0 turbo, 3.0-litre twin turbo; Turbo-diesel – 2.0-litre

Power: 0 to 60mph in 5.3 seconds, 155mph top speed (3.0)

Average fuel economy: 70.6mpg (2.0TD) 

CO2 emissions range: 106-183g/km

Rivals: Audi A7 coupe, BMW 6-Series, Jaguar XF

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★✩

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