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Four-Door Mercedes-AMG GT Concept Announced, Teased

Two years ago, we predicted that a four-door Mercedes-AMG GT would arrive in 2018-2019. It appears that we were right, as Mercedes-AMG has announced that it will debut a concept previewing said four-door AMG GT at the 2017 Geneva auto show.

No information was provided in the announcement for the AMG GT Concept, but we can glean a few details from the accompanying rear-three-quarter view teaser illustration.

Mercedes AMG GT4 rendering front three quarter

The sleek German four-door will feature a rounded tail with a slight spoiler rising from the sheetmetal, a trapezoidal center-mounted exhaust surrounded by an aggressive rear diffuser, chrome surround on the side glass, and humongous wheels.

Mercedes-AMG said that with the AMG GT Concept, “the performance brand offers an advance view of its four-door sports car,” which is language that all but confirms that a production model is on the way.

We can’t wait to see what looks to be a stunning concept in person when it makes its Swiss debut on March 7.

Mercedes AMG GT4 rendering rear three quarter

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