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CES 2018: Telstra NB-IoT network now live

Telstra has announced at CES 2018 that its narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network is now live across all major cities in Australia, including not only in capital cities but also major regional cities.

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According to Telstra COO Robyn Denholm, the NB-IoT network will provide connectivity for IoT devices with smaller packets of data being sent than the applications using its Cat-M1 IoT network, such as in the agricultural, transport, and logistics industries.

Telstra head of Networks Mike Wright had said in September that the telco would be launching an NB-IoT network within six months, with Wright saying this would be enabled via network slicing.

“We’ve already built and got a network slice up and running for narrowband IoT, which we’re just about to bring into the market,” Wright said at the time.

“There are two [IoT standards] due to different parts of the world’s views on what’s important. We don’t care; we’re going to support both.”

Telstra’s Cat-M1 network went live in August, becoming the largest IoT network in the nation.

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Telstra group executive for Consumer Vicki Brady added that Telstra is now looking into using the live NB-IoT network for smart home use cases, for instance sensors such as pool filters with low amounts of data needing to be transmitted.

Speaking on Telstra’s smart home product, Brady said that after launching with 10 devices in its portfolio, the telco now has 15 devices integrated with it.

The most recent additions include a water leak detector, additional lighting, and a smoke alarm battery, with customers on average connecting between four and six devices when they first sign up.

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